Boti Waterfalls

The 40m high waterfalls can be found in a quiet village in the Manya Krobo district called Boti in the Eastern part of Ghana. The waterfalls are said to be emerging from two different rivers in a forest of Huhunya also in the Manya Krobo district and converge at the base of the mountain. They fall adjacent to each other and are believed that, the one on the left which is the small is the female whilst the one on the right hand side is the male which is also the bigger one.

The waterfalls can be reached by descending a number of 250 concrete steps and at the base where they (the waterfalls) meet, is perfectly good for swimming. It is also believed that, where the waterfalls meet at the base, it forms a rainbow whenever the rainbow appears, it signifies mating since the waterfalls are female and male.

In the same vicinity, there’s a huge rock in a form of umbrella which has been dubbed “The Umbrella Rock” and a three palm headed tree. The top of the rock can contain about 25-30 people at a time and can be accessed by a long ladder.

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