Africa World Airlines launched WOW Promo! again

Africa World Airlines launched WOW Promo! again

Africa World Airlines launched WOW Promo! again

Africa World Airlines in competitive mode has revised their fare rules to meet every passenger and a potential passenger wants.

Late last year, Africa World Airlines (AWA) launched a
promotion dubbed WOW! to the travelling public. And this WOW! Promotion drew
many passengers about 5,000 from the length and breadth of the world. Many were
so in doubt about the Promo until it came live.

The promo touched their various domestic routes which
include KUMASI, TAMALE, TAKORADI and ACCRA being the hub. Regional travellers
were on lookout for their turn but it didn’t happen as they expected. AWA later
went on break on the WOW! Promotion to make way for the XMAS and the NEW YEAR.
The break was announced on 19th December 2018.

On the 8th of January 2019, AWA announced the
comeback of the WOW! Promo as promised on their twitter handle. This time
around, all the domestic routes were activated on every Wednesday unlike that
of the late Decembers’.  On the 9th
of January 2019, AWA again announce 10,000 seats available for the fresh
launched WOW Promo.


What is the WOW Promo all about?

WOW Promo as the name suggests is a mouthwatering promo by
Africa World Airlines (AWA) which enables everyone for that matter to fly the
routes ACCRA- KUMASI and vice versa at Ghc49 each way, ACCRA – TAKORADI and
vice versa at Ghc79 each way and ACCRA-TAMALE and vice versa at Ghc99. These
promo fares can only be gotten between the hours of 12:00pm-5:00pm on every
However, the WOW promo fares are neither refundable nor changeable. If a passenger wants to make any change to the ticket, it can be done at 100% change/cancellation fee.

The Promo is ongoing……

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